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Come progettare la tua Tesi

How to do the Project or Thesis

40 pages for Bachelor, 50 for Master, 80 or more for PhD

Front page:
student’s first and last name, the name of the program and the date. The tudent’s signature and the following statement must follow the above mentioned information: “I do hereby attest that I am the sole author of this project/thesis and that its contents are only the result of the readings and research I have done”. Of the two copies required by Uniselinus , only one will be filed at Uniselinus and should contain the above statement. The second copy will be stamped and returned to you and does not require the authenticity statement.

Table of Contents / Bibliography:
Following the front page, you need to include the Table of Contents and the complete list of bibliographic material consulted: internet link. including books, journal articles, conference papers, etc.

Abstract or Synopsis:
Following the table of contents, you need to include the synopsis of one to three pages to provide a brief explanation of the content and objectives of the paper.

Body of the Paper:
In this section you should develop the core content of the project or thesis. The information contained in the body of the work must be organized as follows: chapters, sections, parts, and/or case studies. This structure is to be reflected in the table of contents and all pages must be numbered.
As part of your discussion, you can include graphs, photographs, drawings, charts, photocopies of articles, and any other material that you consider relevant. The body of the project or thesis should fulfill the minimum length requirement without exceeding the limit of 150 pages.
Please note that quality of content is priorized over quantity. You are free to choose the title and content of your project or thesis. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore in depth the topics that interest you, both personally and professionally.

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Content of the Research Work
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