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Legal Transparency


Legal Transparency

Selinus University was founded in 2014 as a Ltd in the Commonwealth of Dominica. In 2020 the registered office was transferred to the Republic of Panama in the form of a S.A., under a continuation arrangement and regular public deed. In 2022 Selinus University was incorporated in the state of Delaware as Selinus University Graduate School in order to conform to the U.S. system of studies as well. However, in the Republic of Panama and Delaware, Selinus University is not committed in any economic or financial activity, does not receive payments from any student and it has no bank accounts. 

Selinus University of Science and Literature SA of Panama and Selinus University Graduate School LLC of Delaware allow, through the implied authorization resulting from their duly apostilled statutes, to carry out business worldwide as a commercial university.

The mentioned international institutions have provided a global license to Uniselinus Europe Networking University Srl based in Ragusa, Italy, and to Uniselinus Europe Ltd in London. These licensee companies distribute Selinus’ distance learning programs. The relative fiscal, administrative and economic activity is carried out in Italy by Uniselinus Europe Networking University Srl, VAT No. 01762270880 No. REA RG 438605 and by Uniselinus Europe Ltd in the United Kingdom (Company Registered Number 12156818) according to the prescribed local and international tax regime.

Our founding principles are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; according to Article 26, Selinus University believes that higher education is an inalienable human right. Selinus University has implemented a paradigm shift educational model for its academic programs. All that has allowed Selinus to approach a humanistic goal through internal regulation, decentralization of the learning process and a modern and shared sustainable learning model.

Important Warnings

Selinus University of Science and Literature is ISO 9001/2015 certified. It is globally accredited by WCI (World Certification Institute) whose mission coincides with our educational goals. It is not accredited to CHEA or any other regional agency. While maintaining a high educational rigor, Selinus rises as an institution for adults; for that reason, it pursues a flexibility that is a key element in the field of adult students’ education services. Selinus cannot endorse regulated educational standards, which are not suitable for busy students (Managers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals) having already a position and responsibilities in the world of work.

Indeed, most accreditation agencies embrace and follow processes and requirements dedicated to young students. Generic criteria that have outlived their usefulness in the global era and are in direct conflict with the mission of institutions like Selinus University that offers non-formal, flexible, affordable, dynamic and high quality education programs oriented towards the certification of professional skills. 

Today's job seekers are looking for better employment opportunities, even across borders and need to demonstrate to have skills, experience and work competencies. Formal academic qualifications have to be verified and authenticated through intricate and complex recognition processes. This is even more daunting when seeking job opportunities abroad.

A Selinus University degree is a global certification of competency, an extraordinary Open Door. A Selinus University degree let people be recognized because they provide evidence of their skills and experience gained over the years and not necessarily because they have followed a government standard.

However, since we believe in ethical transparency, we inform our students that certain international licensing authorities or colleges require degrees from universities that have government accreditation or, in the case of the US, CHEA or related agencies accreditation.

Selinus University respects international norms; however, each country in the world has its own specific framework and it would be impossible to adjust one academic standard to all countries in the world, nor nor does Selinus mean to force government regulations of any country. Therefore, it is good to keep in mind that the recognition of a Selinus University degree is discretionary. Selinus University is an institution that addresses adult students, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs already professionally established who, often, have no need to have accredited degrees but mostly professional titles that certify skills. For this reason, Selinus University does not have governmental accreditation but private international recognition.
Selinus University is accredited by one of the leading private certification bodies, the WCI - World Certification Institute - whose process of course accreditation is very rigorous. This process involves a detailed examination of the course content and duration, teachers’ qualifications and expertise, trainers and counselors, the financial strength and integrity of the course providers, the facilities and resources available, the method of delivery and evaluation and most importantly, in line with the mission of Selinus University, their relevance to professional and career development.

In the event that a potential student wishes to carry out any review or governmental process of recognition of his/her university degree, we recommend to carefully explore procedures and requirements by verifying whether, in one's own country and for one's own purposes, a Selinus University degree would be suitable or useful; the university cannot intervene in such processes.

Longing for a maximum operational transparency, Selinus remains available to provide students, institutions, media, organizations and those who request it, with all the constituent information, fiscal and administrative, which allow Selinus University its activity as a non-formal Distance Learning University for adults.


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