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UniSelinus is for you?

UniSelinus is for you?

So sign up and get a prestigious Bachelor, Master or Doctorate (Ph.D)

Selinus University of Sciences and Literature is an independent institution of distance learning university. It offers adult degree programs at the professional, undergraduate, and graduate levels. It combines an innovative method of instruction and a sound and updated curricula to present an effective distance learning higher education experience to students from all over the world.

Distance learning is not for everyone not for all purposes. This type of education is particularly suitable for adult students, people who wish to resume their studies after an interruption or people who want to get a second degree or postgraduate. To enroll you must be over 25 years for Bachelor and Master and 28 for PhD.  The Selinus University offers an alternative in higher education for adult students around the world and from all cultures who for reasons of time, family or professional, can not attend a traditional college campus.


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  • Selinus University Graduate School LLC
    8 The Green, Suite A
    Dover 19901 – Delaware

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